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The final power rankings of the season are a good way for all of you to get your laughs at my expense. That's because I go back and compare the final rankings to the ones I did right before the season started.

Let's just say it isn't pretty. But it was pretty bad.

The worst misses were having the Green Bay Packers at No. 2, the Los Angeles Rams at No. 4, the New Orleans Saints at No. 6 and the Indianapolis Colts at No. 11. I also had the Las Vegas Raiders at No. 13. Then there was Dallas at No. 15, the Baltimore Ravens at No. 16 and the Miami Dolphins at No. 18.

Teams that made me look bad the other way were the Jacksonville Jaguars, who were 25th to start, the New York Giants, who were 28th and the Seattle Seahawks, who opened in the 31st spot.

That's puke-inducing bad.

There was some good. Of the teams in my preseason top 10, eight finished there. That's pretty good. I didn't think Denver would be a playoff team, opening them in the 17th spot, and that actually proved to be a little too high. 

The Atlanta Falcons opened at the bottom, but they moved up a bit as the Chicago Bears, who opened at No. 30, close as the worst team. The Texans are the second-worst team.

So it wasn't all bad. I ranked the Buffalo Bills first, and they closed there. 

When you look back at Week 1 power rankings, it's always going to be humbling. Picking this league from year to year is so tough, especially when injuries, like those the Rams suffered, impact a season. This isn't like college football where you can just pay your way to a title. 

So go ahead and get a chuckle out of this. Unlike some, I can admit when I was wrong. Can you? 

Biggest Movers
1 Texans
1 Bears
1 Bills They overcame a lot to be ready to play against the Patriots. They did a great job of handling a tough situation after teammate Damar Hamlin went down. They are the best team right now. -- 13-3-0
2 Chiefs They will be the top seed in the AFC after beating the Raiders Saturday night. Once again, Patrick Mahomes and gang will be a tough out come the postseason. -- 14-3-0
3 49ers Brock Purdy has proven to be capable of winning a Super Bowl. They are loaded and they have a great coach in Kyle Shanahan, which makes them a real threat to win it all. -- 13-4-0
4 Eagles They are the top seed in the NFC, which means they get a bye. Jalen Hurts was a little off in his return last week, but he gets two weeks to get even healthier. -- 14-3-0
5 Bengals Joe Burrow and gang will be a tough out in the playoffs. The defense has come on strong in recent weeks as they've won eight straight. -- 12-4-0
6 Cowboys What was that at Washington? Dak Prescott has to be better this week against Tampa Bay. -- 12-5-0
7 Vikings They bounced back from that horrible showing at Lambeau last week to beat up the Bears. The defense will be what decides if they can make a run in the playoffs. -- 13-4-0
8 Chargers They played to win at Denver, which was strange since they were locked into the fifth seed. Now they face a long road trip to play the Jaguars, a team that blew them out earlier in the season. -- 10-7-0
9 Ravens They play the Bengals in the wild-card round this week after losing to them Sunday. The question is whether Lamar Jackson can play. -- 10-7-0
10 Giants Brian Daboll has done a great job getting this team into the playoffs. Now comes the real challenge: Making them a threat in the postseason. -- 9-7-1
11 Jaguars They didn't look great in beating the Titans to win the division, but they found a way behind the defense. Trevor Lawrence has to be better this week against the Chargers. -- 9-8-0
12 Dolphins As they ready for the playoffs, the quarterback situation is the story. Can Tua Tagovailoa play against Buffalo? If not, can they beat the Bills on the road without him? -- 9-8-0
13 Seahawks They owe the Lions a big one as the Detroit beat Green Bay to get the Seahawks into the playoffs. Now they have to try and beat a San Francisco team that beat them twice already. -- 9-8-0
14 Buccaneers The Bucs won the division, but they rarely looked like a division winner. Even so, Tom Brady in the playoffs is not something opponents want to see. -- 8-9-0
15 Lions They showed a lot by beating the Packers on the road with nothing to play for Sunday night. Jared Goff had a heck of a second half. -- 9-8-0
16 Packers The big question will be whether Aaron Rodgers plays next year. My gut says yes, but you never know. -- 8-9-0
17 Steelers Kenny Pickett got better as the season moved along and they prevented Mike Tomlin from having his first losing season. Watch out for them next season. -- 9-8-0
18 Patriots They have to do something to fix the offense, like hire a real offensive coordinator. Mac Jones needs help. -- 8-9-0
19 Commanders Sam Howell showed some things in his first NFL start. That has to be encouraging for next year. -- 8-8-1
20 Titans They need to figure out their quarterback situation. Is Ryan Tannehill the guy? If not, who will be? -- 7-10-0
21 Jets With little help from the offense, they had no real chance to make the playoffs. They have to decide what to do with Zach Wilson. -- 7-10-0
22 Saints Dennis Allen's first year was a disappointment. It didn't help that they have quarterback problems. -- 7-10-0
23 Browns You have to wonder if they have buyer's remorse as it relates to Deshaun Watson. How could they not? -- 7-10-0
24 Panthers They need to decide on the coach and quarterback like so many of the teams down near the bottom. They did show improvement under Steve Wilks. -- 7-10-0
25 Raiders Their big offseason issue is the quarterback position with Derek Carr out the door. Will it be Tom Brady? -- 6-11-0
26 Falcons Rookie quarterback Desmond Ridder showed some growth in his time starting. That's a good thing for next year. -- 7-10-0
27 Cardinals They fired Kliff Kingsbury and GM Steve Keim is out. They have big changes coming, and it doesn't help that Kyler Murray is coming off a torn ACL. -- 4-13-0
28 Colts They need a coach and quarterback. The most important of those two is the quarterback. It's time to draft one. -- 4-12-1
29 Rams The question is whether Sean McVay will be back. He might decide to walk away. This team is heading in the wrong direction. -- 5-12-0
30 Broncos Who will be the new coach? They need somebody to liven up that offense. Russell Wilson has to be a lot better. -- 5-12-0
31 Texans They won to blow their chance at having the first overall pick in the April NFL Draft. They can't win for losing and now they are looking for a coach. 1 3-13-1
32 Bears They finished with the worst record in the league, which means they pick first. Will they consider a quarterback? They shouldn't. 1 3-14-0